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How it works

Invest in Ez Rental bikes and start earning every month
Invest on Ez Bikes
Get into contract with Ez rentals
Earn every month

What am I investing on?

You’ll be investing in buying new bikes which will be rented out through Ez Rental – Bike Rentals.

How much will I earn?

We share the revenue of the bike at a ratio of 60:40 (60% for you and 40% for Ez Rental). As the bike will be placed in locations where the demand is well-evaluated, you can expect maximum bookings and hence a good return on investment.

How will I get paid?

We will credit your earnings every month to your bank account.

How will I track my earnings?

We will share access to Ez Partner App through which you can track your earnings

Which bikes should I buy?

We will be estimating and informing you which bike model can earn your best returns. This is based on the demand in a given location. So, you can suitably make the decision on buying the vehicles.

Will the bikes be registered under my name?

No, as per the Motor vehicles Act, one should have a valid license to rent out the vehicles. Hence, the vehicle must be registered under the company’s (Ez Rental) name to rent it out. However, there will be an agreement where we mention that the ownership of vehicle lies with you.

What is the term of the agreement?

The agreement is for a term period of 3 years.

What will happen after 3 years?

The vehicle will be handed over to you. It can be later be re-sold or could be used for personal usage. If required, we will assist you in re-selling of the vehicle.

Who will handle the registration process?

A team of experts at Ez Rental will take care of everything from helping you purchase the bike to registration and on-boarding. You’ll be updated at every step of the process.

Who will take care of maintenance of the bike?

Our in-house maintenance team will take care of all the bike maintenance issues. However, the maintenance charges will have to borne by you.